M. Becker & Associates, Inc. is the home to Toughtek® and Rhinotek® coated fabrics.


The Toughtek line represents the standard for grip fabrics. Toughtek is widely used in many industries including motocross, apparel, seating and footwear.


Rhinotek sets the gold standard in high-grade abrasion resistant fabrics. This fabric can be found in bags, luggage, shoes and wherever abrasion resistance is required.

A variety of substrates, colors and custom specifications are offered in both Toughtek and Rhinotek.

ToughTek® Fabrics

  • Sets the standard for abrasion resistant grip fabrics
  • Rugged and Non-slip in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions
  • Fire and Mildew specifications available
  • Can be engineered to meet your specific color and texture
  • Custom orders are welcome with low minimum
  • Supported by hang tabs which are available upon request
  • Customize substrate to meet your requirements
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RhinoTek® Fabrics

  • Sets the standard in high grade abrasion resistant fabrics
  • Coated with a patented Copolymer Formulation
  • Rugged in wet, dry, extreme hot, and extreme cold conditions
  • Fire and mildew specifications available
  • Custom colors, surface textures, and patterns are available
  • Innovative coating can be single-side or double side, therefore allowing “RF” welding and heat sealing for complete water proof products
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Knewtek™ Fabrics

  • 100% polyurethane coated polyester knit
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Strong tear and weathering characteristics
  • Good resistance to oils, solvents, and many chemicals
  • Offers ozone resistance
  • Easily decomposes
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